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A. Salutations of Grace and Peace (v. 1-2)

1. From Paul and Timothy: bondservants of Christ Jesus

2. To the saints at Philippi with the bishops and deacons.


B. Paul thankful for Philippians’ fellowship in the furtherance of the gospel (v. 3-6)

1. From the first day the Philippians heard the gospel until the present

2. Confident that God, who began a good work in them, will perfect it until the day of Christ

C. Paul thankful for the Philippians’ fellowship in the bonds, and the defense of the gospel of grace (v. 7-8)

1. God is witness of Paul’s tender longings for his brethren.

D. Paul’s prayer for Philippians growing love (v. 9-11)

1. Abound in knowledge and discernment.

2. Goal of discerning love: approving things that are excellent.

a. Being sincere and void of offense unto the day of Christ

b. Being filled with fruits of righteousness through Jesus Christ

c. Unto the glory and praise of God


1. How did Paul describe his and Timothy’s relationship with Christ?

2. What term does Paul use to describe the Christians in Philippi?

    What does this say about the Christian’s life?

3. How do you know there was an organized local church in Philippi?

4. What two blessings from God and the Lord Jesus Christ does Paul desire for the Philippians?

5. How did the Philippian brethren have fellowship in the “furtherance”, “defense”, and “confirmation” of the gospel with Paul?

6. What was Paul confident of regarding God and the Philippians?

7. The end of time will be the ________________ of ____________________.

8. Why is the “gospel” connected with the “grace” in verse 7?

9. What kind of tenderness did Paul have for the Philippians?

10. Our love should be abounding in ________________ and ____________________ that we may __________________________the things that are __________________________.

 Apply this truth to the problem of loving the sinner:

11. What is the ultimate goal of discerning love?

12. What are we to be filled with that gives glory unto God?