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A. The Motivations Connected With The Mind of Christ (2:1-2a)

1. Exhortation in Christ   

2. Consolation of Love

3. Fellowship of the Spirit

4. Tender mercies and compassions

5. Personal appeal from Paul – make full my joy


B. Attitudes Of The Mind Of Christ (2:2b-4)

1. United in one mind

2. Freedom from factious spirit and vain glory

3. Lowliness of mind

4. Concern for others.

C. Christ’s Example (2:5-11)

1. Did not continue to grasp glorious divine form

2. Became obedient servant

3. Exalted by his obedience


1. What FOUR motivations does Paul use to urge unity among the Philippians?

2. Show how each motivation relates to unity among God’s people:

3. What personal appeal does Paul make to encourage unity?

4. From the words “faction” and “vain glory” describe the enemy of unity among the Philippians:

5. The Christian is to count the other ________________ than _________________.

This command is to cause the Christian to:

(a) never consider his own life.

(b) think he or she has no value.

(c) expand his or her concern to see the needs of others.

6. Paul’s purpose for revealing the information in verses 6-8 was:

(a). to satisfy our curiosity for divine secrets.

(b) to prove Jesus was just a man.

(c). to help us see in Christ the humility we must manifest.

7. In verses 6-8, list what Jesus was in the “form” of, and what He was in “fashion” as.  Then, show the difference in meaning between the two words:

8. How did Christ look upon His being on equality with God?

9. How greatly did Jesus humble himself?

10. What was the result of Christ’s humiliation and obedience?

11. How does the response of knees and tongues help us see the meaning of the “name” of Jesus?

12. What effect is there upon God when men confess Christ?