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Day One (Psalms 42-44)

1. Describe the desire the Psalmist has for finding God?

2. What question continues to occur throughout the Psalm?

3. Under what circumstances can such a question arise in our hearts?

4. In Psalm 43, who or what should be the source of our joy?

5. Psalm 44 is good for the soul when (a) we suffer for our sins; (b) we are suffering, but remain righteous; or, (c) we are suffering     due to the sins of others.

6. In times of trouble, what image of God might we mistakenly have?

Day Two (Psalms 45-47)

1. In Psalm 45, what occasion for joy is depicted?

2. In Psalm 46, what is comforting to know about God in the time of trouble?

3. What can God do for our world when we are living in an anxious world?

4. What is a good thing to do in times of anxiety?

5. In Psalm 47, how extensive is God’s sovereignty?

Day Three (Psalms 48-50)

1. The city of God is praiseworthy because of (a) its beauty; (b) its beauty and strength; (c) the righteous God has protected it from     enemies; or (d) the righteous God dwells there.

2. How should we view God throughout life?

3. In Psalm 49, what should I not do while dwelling among the oppressing rich?

4. What can wealth not do?

5. What does man do to “abide,” in trying to defeat the consequences of death?

6. Who approves of the folly of the rich?

7. When the rich dies, he carries ____________________ away.

8. Psalm 50 contrasts what two types of religion?

9. What mistake can we sometimes make regarding our offering sacrifices unto God?

10. What sacrifice does God want from His people?

Day Four (Psalms 51-53)

1. What is the occasion for writing Psalm 51?

2. For what does David petition God’s mercy?

3. All sin is against ___________________ even when we have wronged ____________________.

4. What are some of the “wages of sin” seen in this Psalm?

5. What truth is David conveying when he says he “was born in sin”?

6. Upon forgiveness, what should the people cleansed desire to do?

7. In Psalm 52, what is contrasted with the boastful mighty man?

8. What two sources of strength are contrasted in Psalm 52?

9. What is trusting forever in the loving kindness of God like?

10. Psalm 53 is like what other Psalm you have studied?

11. How do workers of iniquity treat God’s people?

12. Living by faith in God will often eliminate times of ___________________________.


Day Five (Psalms 54-55)

1. According to the title, on what occasion was Psalm 54 remembering?

2. Like David, we should look to God as our ___________________.

3. All need to remember that God will ________________________ those who do evil, and they will be __________________     in God’s truth.

4. What illustrates David’s certainty of God’s deliverance?

5. In Psalm 55, what makes the oppression so unbearable?

6. How does David’s desire for the wicked consistent with not avenging our self, but believing in God’s vengeance?

Class Study: Psalm 45 (Celebrating the Kings marriage”

I. Purpose of the Psalm: write of deeply felt things concerning the king (v.1)

II. Description of the king (v. 2-9)

A. Fairest among men – grace and beauty

B. Conquering warrior

C. His throne is the throne of God

D. Character of Righteousness

E. Clad in robes of beauty; fragrant garments – His attendants are daughters of kings

III. Description of the queen – the bride (v. 10-15)

A. Clothed in robes of Gold

B. Forgetting her people, totally dedicated to her husband the king

C. Honored with the rich seeking favor

D. Glorious and Beautiful in her palace

E. Led in joy, with attending virgins, to her husband, the king

IV. King to be honored in future children – greater than past ancestors (v. 16-17)


1. This Psalm, according to the title, is a song of __________________________.

2 The writer of this Psalm is (a) hesitant to write of such a glorious king; (b) is full of information to write concerning the king; or (c)    is suffering from “writer’s block.

3. What stands out to you about this conquering warrior of a king?

4, The Holy Spirit uses verses 6-7 to apply to whom?

5. What is the character of the king’s kingdom?

6. What should be understood in the queen being commanded to “forget also thine own people…”?

7. What is the family background of the queen?

8. How glorious is the queen?

9. How is the future of the king more glorious than his past?

10. How does the study of this Psalm help you as you sing “Out Of Ivory Palaces” in your song book.