2018-2019 Audio Sermons

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20191229 PM - Why Should I Read My Bible Everyday? by Jerry Fite

20191229 AM - What If We Didn’t Have God’s Word? by Jerry Fite

20191222 PM - Do Not Add To Neither Take Away by Jerry Fite

20191222 AM - The Wisdom We Seek by Jerry Fite

20191215 PM - God Working His Plan In A Sinful World by Jerry Fite

20191215 AM - Persecution With Rejoicing by Jerry Fite

20191208 AM - Did Jesus Died Spiritually On The Cross? by Jerry Fite

20191201 PM - The Blood Of Christ by Jerry Fite

20191201 AM - An Unchanging God For An Ever Changing World by Jerry Fite

20191124 PM - Authorized Use Of The Church’s Money by Jerry Fite

20191124 AM - Zion’s Call by Jerry Fite

20191117 PM - A Permanent Joy by Jerry Fite

20191117 AM - I Believe - Help My Unbelief by Jerry Fite

20191110 PM - Lord’s Supper & Issues by Jerry Fite

20191110 AM - Lord’s Supper by Jerry Fite

20191103 PM - The Doctrinal Approach by Jerry Fite

20191103 AM - Disciplining Our Children by Jerry Fite

20191027 PM - Humility Uprooting Pride by Jerry Fite

20191027 AM - Made In The Image Of God by Jerry Fite

20191020 PM - Honor All Men by Jerry Fite

20191020 AM - Overcoming Despondency by Jerry Fite

20191013 PM - Are You Gold Or Wood? by Jerry Fite

20191013 AM - Godly Insight For Singles by Jerry Fite

20191011 PM - Wayward Son Comes Home by Donnie Rader

20191010 PM - Seduction Of Joseph by Donnie Rader

20191009 PM - Nevertheless by Donnie Rader

20191008 PM - Is One Faith As Good As Another? by Donnie Rader

20191007 PM - Bible Authority by Donnie Rader

20191006 PM - Selling & Stirring by Donnie Rader

20191006 AM - What Is Happening To Your Ox? by Donnie Rader

20191006 CL  - Believing God by Donnie Rader

20190929 PM - Why We Preach The Gospel by Jerry Fite

20190929 AM - Seeing The Glory Of God In Marriage by Jerry Fite

20190922 PM - The Ultimate Vision Of God by Jerry Fite

20190922 AM - Did The Word Of God Fail? by Jerry Fite

20190915 PM - Is Your Name Written In The Book Of Life? by Jerry Fite

20190915 AM - The Times Of Ignorance Are Over by Jerry Fite

20190908 PM - Character Of The Christian’s Light by Jerry Fite

20190908 AM - Abraham “Our Father” by Jerry Fite

20190901 PM - Christian Service - Blending Of Body & Mind by Jerry Fite

20190901 AM - What Did Paul Preach? by Jerry Fite

20190825 PM - Low Expectations In Our Youth? by Jerry Fite

20190825 AM - Judaizing Teachers by Jerry Fite

20190818 PM - Understanding Jesus In Luke’s Beatitudes by Jerry Fite

20190818 AM - Foster Volunteerism In The Local Church by Jerry Fite

20190811 PM - Old Paths by Michael Baker

20190811 AM - Do You Want To Be Like Hezekiah by Michael Baker

20190804 PM - Make Me The Lord’s Servant by Jerry Fite

20190804 AM - Does Your Life Blaspheme God? by Michael Baker

20190728 PM -  Who Is The Wretched Man? by Jerry Fite

20190728 AM -  Once Saved Always Saved by Jerry Fite

20190721 PM -  Is The Lord Ashamed Of You? by Michael Baker

20190721 AM -  It Is Well With My Soul by Michael Baker

20190714 PM -  Jealousy by Michael Baker

20190714 AM -  Stages Of Maturity In Christ by Jerry Fite

20190707 PM -  What Makes You Tired? by Jerry Fite

20190707 AM -  What Happened To The Body Of Jesus? by Jerry Fite

20190630 PM -  The Glory Of Heaven by Jerry Fite

20190630 AM -  The Man Of God by Michael Baker

20190623 PM -  A Christian Couple On The Move by Jerry Fite

20190623 AM -  Truth Matters by Jerry Fite

20190616 PM -  The Lord Is At Hand by Michael Baker

20190616 AM -  What Is Man & What Is Woman? By Jerry Fite

20190609 PM -  Pointing People To Jesus & His Gospel (2) by Jerry Fite

20190609 AM -  Pointing People To Jesus & His Gospel (1) by Jerry Fite

20190602 PM -  I Will Magnify Christ by Jerry Fite

20190602 AM -  Is Baptism For The Remission Of Sins? by Michael Baker

20190526 PM -  All Things Work Together For Good by Jerry Fite

20190526 AM -  Equipped For The Lost In The 21st Century by Jerry Fite

20190519 PM -  When Is It Time To Be Baptized? by Michael Baker

20190519 AM -  Being Led By The Spirit by Jerry Fite

20190512 PM -  Traditions Viewed Through The Eyes Of Progressives by Jerry Fite

20190512 AM -  Tradition vs. Progress by Jerry Fite

20190505 PM -  How Authority From Heaven Is Applied On Earth by Jerry Fite

20190428 PM -  Waiting On The Lord by Jerry Fite

20190428 AM -  Why Denominationalism Is Wrong by Jerry Fite

20190421 PM -  A Day In The Life Of Jesus’ Ministry by Michael Baker

20190421 AM -  Why We Partake Of The Lord’s Supper Weekly by Jerry Fite

20190414 PM -  Drawing Near To God by Michael Baker

20190414 AM -  Why We Sing! by Michael Baker

20190407 PM -  James: Bring The Wanderer Back by Jerry Fite

20190407 AM -  Tomorrow May Be Too Late by Michael Baker

20190331 PM -  James: Three Prayers by Jerry Fite

20190331 AM -  Continual Cleansing by Jerry Fite

20190324 PM -  Capital Punishment by Michael Baker

20190324 AM -  Did You Receive The Word? by Jerry Fite

20190322 PM -  Miracles Today? by Adonis Bailey

20190321 PM -  Lessons I Learned From The Garden Of Eden by A.Bailey

20190320 PM -  Two Families - Two Perspectives by Adonis Bailey

20190319 PM -  The Accursed by Adonis Bailey

20190318 PM -  The Doctrine On Doctrine by Adonis Bailey

20190317 PM -  God Cares How You Dress #2 by Adonis Bailey

20190317 AM -  God Cares How You Dress #1 by Adonis Bailey

20190317 Cls.-  Making It Hard by Adonis Bailey

20190310 PM -  James: God Cares About Our Oaths by Jerry Fite

20190310 AM -  Almighty God Allows Us To Go Our Way by Michael Baker

20190303 PM -  Come Unto Me by Michael Baker

20190303 AM -  Can I Stand Alone? by Jerry Fite

20190224 PM -  The Preacher As Minister by Jerry Fite

20190224 AM -  What To Look For In A Local Preacher by Jerry Fite

20190217 PM -  James: Developing Patience In The Lord by Jerry Fite

20190217 AM -  When Good Requests Mask The Problem by Michael Baker

20190210 PM -  Lessons From The Watergate by Michael Baker

20190210 AM -  Proven To Be Deacons by Jerry Fite

20190203 PM -  James: What Can Your Money Buy? by Jerry Fite

20190203 AM -  Now Is The Day Of Salvation by Jerry Fite

20190127 PM -  Vetting Our Future Elders #2 by Jerry Fite

20190127 AM -  Vetting Our Future Elders by Jerry Fite

20190120 PM -  Whom Are You Leaving Out In Your Plans? by Jerry Fite

20190120 AM -  The One Body Of Christ by Michael Baker

20190113 PM -  Who Are You To Judge Your Neighbor? by Jerry Fite

20190113 AM -  Rise & Fall Of Uzziah by Jerry Fite

20190106 PM -  Be Strong In The Lord’s Grace by Michael Baker

20190106 AM -  The Godly Family by Jerry Fite

20181230 PM -  James: Submitting To God’s Way by Jerry Fite

20181230 AM - The Conversion Of Lydia by Jerry Fite

20181223 PM - Keep Stirring The Flame by Jerry Fite

20181223 AM - The Fruit Of The Spirit by Michael Baker

20181216 PM - Who Is Wise Among You? by Jerry Fite

20181216 AM - The Lord’s Additions by Jerry Fite

20181209 PM - What Is Man? by Michael Baker

20181209 AM - Parable Of The Talents by Jerry Fite

20181202 PM - Control Your Tongue by Jerry Fite

20181202 AM - Have You Not Read? by Jerry Fite

20181125 PM - What Is Saving Faith? by Jerry Fite

20181125 AM - Doctrine & Gospel by Michael Baker

20181118 PM - James Shows No Partiality by Jerry Fite

20181118 AM - Why Did Jesus Come To Earth? by Jerry Fite

20181111 PM - What Is The Gospel? by Michael Baker

20181111 AM - Fellowship With God #2 by Jerry Fite

20181104 PM - Doer Of The Word by Jerry Fite

20181104 AM - Fellowship With God #1 by Jerry Fite

20181028 PM - Don’t Be Deceived About God by Jerry Fite

20181028 AM - Pitching Our Tents Toward Sodom by Michael Baker

20181026 PM - Jesus’ Last Parables by Shawn Smith

20181025 PM - What Do You Think Of The Christ? by Shawn Smith

20181024 PM - Fear & Our Faith by Shawn Smith

20181023 PM - Drawing Conclusions From Matt. 19 by Shawn Smith

20181022 PM - Are You Listening? by Shawn Smith

20181021 PM - Great Truths From The Great Commission by Shawn Smith

20181021 AM - Christ Death In The Lord’s Supper by Shawn Smith

20181021 AM - Jesus The Messiah by Shawn Smith

20181014 PM - What Kind Of Slave Owner Was Philemon? by Bo Kirkwood

20181014 AM - Handling Adversity by Derrick Weir

20181007 PM - The People Gave Too Much by Jered Smith

20181007 AM - Spiritual Growth by Rick Hightower

20180930 PM - Like Clay In The Potter’s Hand by Michael Baker

20180930 AM - Living In The Last Days by Jerry Fite

20180923 PM - James: A Genuine Faith by Jerry Fite

20180923 AM - For Me To Live Is Christ by Jerry Fite

20180916 PM - What Will It Be Like? by Jerry Fite

20180916 AM - In The Beginning by Jerry Fite

20180909 PM - Ephesians: How Are You Doing? by Jerry Fite

20180909 AM - When I’m Not Growing Spiritually by Jerry Fite

20180902 PM - Hunger & Thirst For Righteouness by Jerry Fite

20180902 AM - Spiritual Focus Fasting by Jerry Fite

20180826 PM - Here Am I by Michael Baker

20180826 AM - Be An Example by Michael Baker

20180819 PM - Ephesians: Put On Whole Armor Of God by Jerry Fite

20180819 AM - Have This Mind In You by Jerry Fite

20180812 PM - Ephesians: Be Strong In The Lord by Jerry Fite

20180812 AM - Jesus: Greater Than The Angels by Jerry Fite

20180805 PM - Ephesians: Slaves & Masters by Jerry Fite

20180805 AM - Hebrews: Better Covenant by Jerry Fite

20180729 PM - Just As I Am by Jerry Fite

20180729 AM - Hebrews: New & Living Way by Jerry Fite

20180722 PM - Focus by Jered Smith

20180722 AM - Nehemiah by Bill Lovelace

20180715 PM - Ephesians: Children-Parents-Lord by Jerry Fite

20180715 AM - Caleb Wholly Follows God by Jerry Fite

20180708 PM - Ephesians: Mystery Of Christ & Church / Marriage by Jerry Fite

20180708 AM - Living Naked Before God by Jerry Fite

20180701 PM - Ephesians: Singing From The Heart by Jerry Fite

20180701 AM - O.T. Composite Of Women Needed Today by Jerry Fite

20180624 PM - Ephesians: Living With Clarity by Jerry Fite

20180624 AM - Keeping Our Identity by Jerry Fite

20180617 PM - Ephesians: No Fellowship With Darkness by Jerry Fite

20180617 AM - The Natural Man by Jerry Fite

20180610 PM - Hezekiah by Leonard White

20180610 AM - James 5:7-8 by Leonard White

20180603 PM - Ephesians: Things Not Befitting To Saints by Jerry Fite

20180603 AM - Washing Of Regeneration by Jerry Fite

20180527 PM - Ephesians: Be Imitators Of God by Jerry Fite

20180527 AM - God’s Majesty by Jerry Fite

20180520 PM - Ephesians: Grieve Not The Holy Spirit by Jerry Fite

20180520 AM - Faint Not In Well Doing by Jerry Fite

20180513 PM - Ephesians: Speech Of The New Man by Jerry Fite

20180513 AM - Can My Church Grow? by Jerry Fite

20180506 PM - The Real Face Of Jesus by Bill Lovelace

20180506 AM - Be Not Deceived by Jered Smith

20180429 PM - Ephesians: Work Don’t Steal by Jerry Fite

20180429 AM - Knowing The Grace Of God by Jerry Fite

20180422 PM - Ephesians: Be Angry & Sin Not by Jerry Fite

20180422 AM - Where Does This Lead Me? by Jerry Fite

20180415 PM - What Must I Do To Be Saved? by Jerry Fite

20180415 AM - Ephesians: Put Away Lying by Jerry Fite

20180411 PM - Saved To Serve by J R Bronger

20180411 AM - Hardening Of Pharaoh’s Heart by J R Bronger

20180410 PM - Journey Of A Rebel by J R Bronger

20180409 PM - Do You Want To Be Made Well? by J R Bronger

20180408 PM - Running The Christian Race by J R Bronger

20180408 AM - Nothing I Can Do About It Now by J R Bronger

20180408 AM - Let Not Man Separate by J R Bronger

20180401 PM - Ephesians: God Views The Vain Life by Jerry Fite

20180401 AM - What Is Distinctive Gospel Preaching? by Jerry Fite

20180325 PM - Pilate & The Trial Of Jesus by Joel Meier

20180325 AM - What Must I Believe? by Jered Smith

20180318 PM - Ephesians: Christ Gave Gifts For Service by Jerry Fite

20180318 AM - Loving God & Jesus by Jerry Fite

20180311 PM - Ephesians: The Objective Basis For Unity by Jerry Fite

20180311 AM - Where Was God? by Jerry Fite

20180304 PM - Ephesians: Walk Worthily by Jerry Fite

20180304 AM - What Is Evil? by Jerry Fite

20180225 PM - Ephesians: The Mystery Revealed by Jerry Fite

20180225 AM - Who Is Jesus? by Jerry Fite

20180218 PM - Ephesians: The Church In Pictures by Jerry Fite

20180218 AM - The Place For Human Government by Jerry Fite

20180211 PM - Ephesians: The Middle Wall Of Partition by Jerry Fite

20180211 AM - A Friend Of God by Jerry Fite

20180204 PM - Ephesians: Saved By Grace Through Faith by Jerry Fite

20180204 AM - The Final Battle Of Gog & Magog by Jerry Fite

20180128 PM - Ephesians: God Makes Jesus Head Of The Church by Jerry Fite

20180128 AM - What Is The First Resurrection? by Jerry Fite

20180121 PM - Ephesians: Paul’s Unceasing Prayer by Jerry Fite

20180121 AM - Why Do We Need Memorials? by Jerry Fite

20180114 PM - Ephesians: General Letter To Particular People by Jerry Fite

20180114 AM - The Final Judgment by Jerry Fite

20180107 PM - The Meaning of History & the Church by Jerry Fite

20180107 AM - Our Spiritual Blessings by Jerry Fite

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