2022-2023 Audio Sermons

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20231203 PM God’s Authority by Zach Meier

20231203 AM “Getting” JESUS He Sent The Holy Spirit by Jerry Fite

20231126 PM Is The Devil At Work Today? by Jerry Fite

20231126 AM “Getting” JESUS His Kingdom Has Come by Jerry Fite

20231119 PM “Getting” JESUS He Teaches Us To Pray by Jerry Fite

20231119 AM God Is Seeking True Worshippers by Jerry Fite

20231112 PM “Getting” JESUS Jesus Came To Save The Lost by Jerry Fite

20231112 AM “Getting” JESUS The Eternal WORD Became Flesh by Jerry Fite

20231105 PM The Case Against Atheism by David Goodman

20231105 AM Being Partakers Of God’s Divine Nature by Jerry Fite

20231029 PM How Does Jesus Relate to Man? by Jerry Fite

20231029 AM Who Is Paul’s Natural Man? by Jerry Fite

20231027 PM Was Paul Saved By Faith Alone? by Jason Trick

20231026 PM The Holy Spirit In Conviction & Conversion by Jason Trick

20231025 PM How To Perserve Your Marriage by Jason Trick

20231024 PM Let No One Take Your Crown by Jason Trick

20231023 PM Why The church of Christ Is Different by Jason Trick

20231022 PM Who Pays When I Sin? by Jason Trick

20231022 AM Hope In A Hopeless World by Jason Trick

20231022 CL Can I Have Confidence In What I Believe? by Jason Trick

20231015 PM Life Worthy Of The Gospel by Jerry Fite

20231015 AM What Is The Gospel? by Jerry Fite

20231008 PM Importance Of Being Teachers by Jerry Fite

20231008 AM The Courage To Be A Christian by Jerry Fite

20231001 PM Hardening Of Pharaoh by Nathan Meier

20231001 AM Ephesians Saved By Grace Through Faith by Jerry Fite

20230924 PM Gratitude Of God’s Providence by Avery Wise

20230924 AM When Asa Trusted In Man by Jered Smith

20230917 PM 490 Time Forgiveness by Jerry Fite

20230917 AM Standing Firm Against The Wiles of The Devil by Jerry Fite

20230910 PM Are Christians “Spiritual Israel” Today? by Jerry Fite

20230910 AM Why Am I Living? by Jerry Fite

20230903 PM Mercy & Grace by Nathan Meier / Jered Smith

20230903 AM Knowing God’s Love by Jerry Fite

20230827 PM What Good Works Look Like In A Local Church by Jerry Fite

20230827 AM Battling Unbelief by Jerry Fite

20230820 PM How Does The Faith Of Moses Relate To Me? by Jerry Fite

20230820 AM When Is Religious Disputing Sinful? by Jerry Fite

20230813 PM What The Law & Suffering Have in Common by Jerry Fite

20230813 AM Make Your Calling & Election Sure by Jerry Fite

20230806 PM Being A True Man Of God In Love by Corey Graham

20230806 AM God’s Providence & Our Prayers by Jerry Fite

20230730 PM Your Choices by Jerry Fite

20230730 AM Aiding The Blasphemers by Jerry Fite (intro. missing)

20230723 PM Office Of Deaconesses by Jerry Fite

20230723 AM Deacons: Servants Of The Local Church by Jerry Fite

20230716 PM Talking Points For Fathers by Jerry Fite

20230716 AM Numerous Desires But One Hope by Jerry Fite

20230709 PM Doing Good Like Jesus Directs by Jerry Fite

20230709 AM The Knowable God by Jerry Fite

20230702 PM Saved Like Cornelius by Jerry Fite

20230702 AM Living To Please God by Jerry Fite

20230625 PM Being Spiritual by Jerry Fite

20230625 AM A Testing & Loving People of God by Jerry Fite

20230618 PM Buy The Truth & Sell It Not by Jerry Fite

20230618 AM Calling All Fathers by Jerry Fite

20230611 PM Faith For All Seasons by Jerry Fite

20230611 AM God & Our Darkest Hours by Jerry Fite

20230604 PM Seeking To Save The Lost by Hayden Berryhill

20230604 AM Experiencing Our Glorious Inheritance by Jerry Fite

20230528 PM Avoiding Teenage Suicide by Jerry Fite

20230528 AM Experiencing The Second Coming by Jerry Fite

20230521 PM Christians Only by Jerry Fite

20230521 AM How Will You Finish? by Jerry Fite

20230514 PM I Am In Christ, Now What? by Jerry Fite

20230514 AM Who Rules Your Household? by Jerry Fite

20230507 PM “A Good Sermon” by Jered Smith

20230507 AM I Will Live The Life Of The Ages by Jerry Fite

20230430 PM The Samaritan “Sect” by Jered Smith

20230430 AM Schemes Of Satan by Joel Meier

20230423 PM Christianity Marks Of Authenticity by Jerry Fite

20230423 AM Be To You As A Gentile & Publican by Jerry Fite

20230416 PM Living Up To The Unity Of The Gospel by Jerry Fite

20230416 AM Worship God & Him Only Shalt Thou Serve by Jerry Fite

20230409 PM Perfecting Sanctification by Jerry Fite

20230409 AM How Can I Relate To A Miracle? by Jerry Fite

20230402 PM Too Late by Jered Smith

20230402 AM Sanctification - Holy In Christ by Jerry Fite

20230331 PM Your Discouragement by Drew Forrest

20230330 PM Your Lack of Involvement by Drew Forrest

20230329 PM Your Compromise by Drew Forrest

20230328 PM Your Companions by Drew Forrest

20230326 PM Your World by Drew Forrest

20230326 AM Your Mouth by Drew Forrest

20230326 CL Your Thoughts by Drew Forrest

20230319 PM Overcome Evil With Good by Jerry Fite

20230319 AM Seeing The Glory Of God In Our Salvation by Jerry Fite

20230312 PM Zealous For Truth by Jerry Fite

20230312 AM Setting Our Priorities by Jerry Fite

20230305 PM Make Me A Servant by Derrick Weir

20230305 AM Pray Without Ceasing by Jerry Fite

20230226 PM What Does God Want Us To Know About Righteousness by J. Fite

20230226 AM The Christian Is… by Jerry Fite

20230219 PM Childrens’ Character Heroes by Jerry Fite

20230219 AM The Most Comprehensive Statement In The N.T. by Jerry Fite

20230212 PM Seeing The Hypocrite’s Eye Problem by Jerry Fite

20230212 AM Children, This Is God’s Truth by Jerry Fite

20230205 PM Train Up A Child by Paul Meier

20230205 AM Righteousness Is Everything by Jerry Fite

20230129 PM Growing Spiritually by Jerry Fite

20230129 AM The N.T. Church At Work by Jerry Fite

20230122 PM Knowing What Lies Ahead In Death by Jerry Fite

20230122 AM The Church As The Body by Jerry Fite

20230115 PM God Cannot Be Canceled by Jerry Fite

20230115 AM Who Are The Elect & Chosen by Jerry Fite

20230108 PM Winsome In Subjection by Jerry Fite

20230108 AM I Am Resolved by Jerry Fite

20230101 PM Temptations by Corey Graham

20230101 AM Obedience Unto Excellence by Jerry Fite

20221225 PM Life Worth Living by Jerry Fite

20221225 AM The Lord’s Day by Jerry Fite

20221218 PM Does The World Need More Evidence by Jerry Fite

20221218 AM Loving The Unseen by Jerry Fite

20221211 PM The Importance Of The Apostles’ Doctrine by Jerry Fite

20221211 AM Progression Of Evil by Jerry Fite

20221204 PM Let Your Light Shine by Jered Smith

20221204 AM Christ Revelant In 21st Century by Jerry Fite

20221127 PM Parenting In An Evil World by Jerry Fite

20221127 AM Thinking With God by Jerry Fite

20221120 PM Are You Practicing Pharisee-ism by Jerry Fite

20221120 AM The Church Is A Work by Jerry Fite

20221113 PM The Closest You Want To Get To Hell by Jerry Fite

20221113 AM How To Contend For The Faith by Jerry Fite

20221106 PM God’s Providence In Your Life by Nathan Meier

20221106 AM Why Contend For The Faith by Jerry Fite

20221030 PM God Rules In The Kingdom Of Men by Jerry Fite

20221030 AM Seven Test Of Character by Jerry Fite

20221023 PM Freedom In Christ by Jerry Fite

20221023 AM How Should I Relate To Evil by Jerry Fite

20221016 PM The Importance Of Good Works by Jerry Fite

20221016 AM The Hidden God Who Is Not Hiding From Evil by Jerry Fite

20221012 PM Great Is The Mystery Of Godliness by David Bonner

20221009 PM Preparing For Suffering by Jerry Fite

20221009 AM The Hidden God Who Is Not Hiding He Has Spoken by Jerry Fite

20221002 PM The Catholic Church Biblical or Not by David Goodman

20221002 AM The Hidden God Who Is Not Hiding Miracles by Jerry Fite

20220925 PM The Hidden God Who Is Not Hiding Jesus to Word by Jerry Fite

20220925 AM The Hidden God Who Is Not Hiding Creation to Moses by Jerry Fite

20220918 PM What Does It Mean To Love My Enemies? by Jerry Fite

20220918 AM Following The Pattern by Jerry Fite

20220911 PM Lesson From The Ephesian Church by Joel Meier

20220911 AM The Greatest Day Of Stephen’s Life by Jered Smith

20220904 PM What Did Paul Say About Baptism? by Nathan Meier & Jered Smith

20220904 AM The Church Given Gifts For Service by Jerry Fite

20220828 PM Channel Zeal by Jerry Fite

20220828 AM The Fullness Of Him by Jerry Fite

20220821 PM Peter Establises His Brethren by Jerry Fite

20220821 AM Whose Body Are We? by Jerry Fite

20220814 PM Church Discipline by Jerry Fite

20220814 AM What’s So Great About Our Salvation? by Jerry Fite

20220807 PM No Excuses by Jered Smith

20220807 AM Hearing The Bad News by Jerry Fite

20220731 PM Just Among Friends by Jerry Fite

20220731 AM Your Work Is Vain by Jerry Fite

20220724 PM Preterist View Of 1 Cor. 15 by Jerry Fite

20220724 AM Jesus Is Raised, What Does It Mean? by Jerry Fite

20220717 PM Add To Your Faith Virtue by Jerry Fite

20220717 AM The Problem With Lists by Jerry Fite

20220710 PM Instrumental Music In Worship by Drayton Kinder

20220710 AM Respect For Authority by Mason Weir

20220709 PM Arrogant Pride by Corey Graham

20220709 PM Modest Apparel by Hayden Berryhill

20220708 PM Peer Pressure & Friends by Drocklin Kinder

20220708 PM Our Speech by Dryson Kinder

20220703 PM Daniel A Man For All Seasons by Jerry Fite

20220703 AM Sin Missing What Mark? by Jerry Fite

20220626 PM Get Wisdom The Principle Thing by Jerry Fite

20220626 AM Finding No Occasion Of Stumbling In Christ by Jerry Fite

20220619 PM Who Sojourns & Dwells IN The Presence Of The Holy God by J.F.

20220619 AM Battle For The Souls Of Christians by Jerry Fite

20220612 PM What Can We Learn From The 1st Persecution? by Jerry Fite

20220612 AM Humility’s Joy by Jerry Fite

20220605 PM With Boldness by Jered Smith

20220605 AM Godliness vs. Pornography by Jerry Fite

20220529 PM Overcome The World by Jerry Fite

20220529 AM The Details Of Fulfilled Prophecy by Jerry Fite

20220522 PM Hold To The Pattern Of Sound Words by Jerry Fite

20220522 AM What New About The New Life? by Jerry Fite

20220515 PM The Will Of Man by Jerry Fite

20220515 AM The Christian’s Unifying Glory Update by Jerry Fite

20220508 PM Are You Keeping Your Word? by Jerry Fite

20220508 AM A Mother’s Love by Jerry Fite

20220501 PM Christianity Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint by David Goodman

20220501 AM Baptism: The Decisive Moment by Jerry Fite

20220424 PM Identifying The Church Jesus Built by Jerry Fite

20220424 AM Evidences For Jesus’ Resurrection From The Dead byJ.Fite.mp3

20220417 PM Consequences by Jerry Fite

20220417 AM If Jesus Is Not Raised From The Dead by Jerry Fite

20220410 PM Increase With Excellence by Jerry Fite

20220410 AM Thinking God In A Chaotic World by Jerry Fite

20220403 PM What Do You Fear? by Dryson Kinder

20220403 AM Faithful Sayings by Jerry Fite

20220327 PM The Good News Of Peace by Jerry Fite

20220327 AM Evangelism’s Perspective by Jerry Fite

20220325 PM Families Soaring Faith by Kevin Maxey

20220324 PM Families Practicing Faith by Kevin Maxey

20220323 PM Families Celebrating Faith by Kevin Maxey

20220322 PM Families Guarding Faith by Kevin Maxey

20220321 PM Families Explaining Faith by Kevin Maxey

20220320 PM Families Demonstrating Faith by Kevin Maxey

20220320 AM Families Prioritizing Faith by Kevin Maxey

20220320 AM (Class) Why Deutereonomy? by Kevin Maxey

20220313 PM Wisdom For My Son by Jerry Fite

20220313 AM The Heart Of Evangelism by Jerry Fite

20220306 PM What Do You Expect From God? By Jered Smith

20220306 AM Jesus Faces A Closed Heart by Jerry Fite

20220227 PM Wisdom For The Family by Jerry Fite

20220227 AM The Necessity Of Thinking Minds Fueling Desirous Hearts by J. Fite

20220220 PM How To Be In The World But Not Of The World by Jerry Fite

20220220 AM Seek The Things Above by Jerry Fite

20220213 PM Christianity - Marks Of Authenticity by Jerry Fite

20220213 AM Learning From David’s Failures by Jerry Fite

20220206 PM The Baptist Church, Bibical Or Not? by David Goodman

20220206 AM The Courageous Christian by Jerry Fite

20220130 PM Filtering Through Forever Things by Jerry Fite

20220130 AM Get God’s Wisdom by Jerry Fite

20220123 PM Seven Laws Of Good Citizenship by Jerry Fite

20220123 AM I Would Not Have You Ignorant by Jerry Fite

20220116 AM Missing The Resurrection From The Dead by Jerry Fite

20220109 PM Sovereignty of God & The Gospel by Jerry Fite

20220109 AM Sovereignty of God & Free Will of Man by Jerry Fite

20220102 PM Serving God In An Imperfect World by Mason Weir

20220102 AM Disciplined Heart Disciplined Life by Jerry Fite