2024-2025 Audio Sermons

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20240609 PM Where Is Your Salvation? by Corey Graham

20240609 AM Holding Forth The Word Of God by Jerry Fite

20240602 PM Profiting From The Ambassador’s Heart by Jerry Fite

20240602 AM Watch & Pray by Jerry Fite

20240526 PM The Church & The Great Tribulation by Jerry Fite

20240526 AM Grasping The Fullness by Jerry Fite

20240519 PM Millennial Error Manifested by Jerry Fite

20240519 AM The Rapture - From Man or Heaven? by Jerry Fite

20240512 PM Overcoming The World by Jerry Fite

20240512 AM Build Your Life On The Word Of God by Jerry Fite

20240505 PM The Christian Sabbath by Jered Smith

20240505 AM How Shall The Old Secure Their Hearts by Derrick Weir

20240428 PM I Have Been Born Again - How Shall I Interact w/Government?

20240428 AM Living Life To The Fullness by Jerry Fite

20240421 PM The Christian’s Ultimate Epitaph by Jerry Fite

20240421 AM I Have Been Born Again - What About My Marriage? by Jerry Fite

20240414 PM I Have Been Born Again - Committed To Good Works by Jerry Fite

20240414 AM I Have Been Born Again - What About Sin? by Jerry Fite

20240407 PM Thank God For The “Gar’s” by Jerry Fite

20240407 AM All Things Are Yours by Jerry Fite

20240331 PM The Better Things God’s Wisdom by Jerry Fite

20240331 AM Born Again What Then Marvel At The Living Stones by Jerry Fite

20240324 PM Unity & Uniformity by Jerry Fite

20240324 AM Born Again… What Then? by Jerry Fite

20240322 PM To Overcome Discouragement by Joe Price

20240321 PM Judge Righteous Judgment by Joe Price

20240320 PM If The Blind Leads The Blind by Joe Price

20240319 PM Jesus & Sinners by Joe Price

20240318 PM Where Will You Find Jesus? by Joe Price

20240317 PM Have You Lost Your Bible? by Joe Price

20240317 AM A Great Congregation by Joe Price

20240317 CL How Shall The Old Secure Their Hearts by Joe Price

20240310 PM Establishing Authority From Necessary Inference by Jerry Fite

20240310 AM Perspectives Of Being Born Again by Jerry Fite

20240303 PM Moses Was A Good Man by Jered Smith

20240303 AM Establishing Scriptural Authority - Commands by Jerry Fite

20240225 PM When Are Examples Binding? by Jerry Fite

20240225 AM Establishing Authority From Heaven by Jerry Fite

20240218 PM What Does Joy Have To Do With Love? by Jerry Fite

20240218 AM What Unconditional Love Cannot Do by Jerry Fite

20240211 PM Pursuing Unity Through Truth by Avery Wise

20240211 AM Musical Instruments In OT & NT Worship by Derrick Weir

20240204 PM The Word Of God In My Daily Life by Derrick Weir

20240204 AM Jesus’ Fullfillment Of Psalm 22 by Jerry Fite

20240128 PM Submitting To One Another In The Fear Of Christ by Jerry Fite

20240128 AM Do All To The Glory Of God by Jerry Fite

20240121 PM 3 Reasons I Should Pray For My Government by Jerry Fite

20240121 AM Proof That Jesus Is The Christ by Jerry Fite

20240114 PM The Character Of Kindness by Jerry Fite

20240114 AM Grasping The Glory Of God by Jerry Fite

20240107 PM God’s Fairness & Love by Jered Smith

20240107 AM Lay Aside Every Weight & Snare by Jerry Fite