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A. Salutation (1:1-2).

1. Paul’s authority as an apostle

2. Grace – Mercy – Peace

B. The danger to sound doctrine in Ephesus exposed (1:3-11).

            1. Danger of a different doctrine (v. 3)

            2. Danger of fables and endless genealogies (v. 4)

3. Love out of a pure heart and true faith is the goal and a remedy to the vain talk (v. 5-6).

4. Danger of false teachings concerning the law (v. 7-11).

C. Paul’s thankfulness to be an example for the sound doctrine (v. 12-17)

            1. Thankful to serve (v. 12)

            2. Thankful recipient of God’s grace and mercy (v. 13-16)

            3. Thankfulness and praise in doxology (v. 17)

D. Timothy committed to the good warfare of faith (v. 18-20).

            1. According to prophecies (v. 18)

            2. Demands faith and a good conscience (v. 19).

3. Example of Hymenaeus and Alexander who have made shipwreck concerning the faith (v. 20).


1. Paul says that his apostleship is according to WHAT of God?

2. In verse 1, who is our SAVIOUR?

3. In what sense is Jesus our HOPE?

4. What was Timothy to Paul?

5. Grace, mercy, and peace is found ONLY  in Paul’s salutations of his letters to Timothy  (True)  (False)

6. A man should not be allowed to teach if his teaching is different from the doctrine of Christ.  (True) (False)

7. What connection did fables and endless genealogies have among the Jews?

8. Why was the emphasis upon these things harmful?

9. What FOUR CHARACTERISTICS should be the goal of us all?  

10. We are wrong to think a false teacher might have a moral problem and not just an information problem. (True) (False)

11. The teachers in Ephesus were teaching error because:

      a. they were teaching that the gospel did not contain law.

      b. they did not understand the nature and design of the Law of Moses.

12. The principles of God contained in the Ten Commandments are revealed in the doctrine of  the Gospel.  (True) (False)

13. What did the Lord see in Paul that was necessary in serving God?

14. Show why Paul appreciated the grace of God:

15. Explain the type of IGNORANCE Paul had before he was saved:

16. Give TWO CHARACTERISTICS of Paul that makes him a good example for the sound doctrine of faith:

17. What THREE FACTS about God give Him honor and glory?

18. Why did Paul pick Timothy to help him in spreading the Gospel?

19. What makes the “warfare: that the Christian is involved in “good”?

20. What was involved in Paul delivering Hymenaeus and Alexander unto Satan?