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 A. Repetition and Exposition of the Law (4:44-6:25)

  1. Moses repeats law to Israel on the Eastern border of the promised land – east of Jordon River (4:44-6:25).

  2. Moses repeats the Ten Commandments (5:1-21).

  3. Moses reminds Israel of the petition out of fear that Moses speak to them the remainder of God’s statutes and ordinances (5:22-       33).

  4. Moses exhorts the people to obey the law with their whole heart and teach it to their children to prosper in the promised land       (6:1-25).  

  B. The Command to destroy the seven Canaanite nations (7:1-26).

   1. God’s plan for a holy people – make no covenant with the nations – utterly destroy their idols (v. 1-5).

   2. God’s love for a holy people (v. 6-11)

   3. God’s blessing for a holy people (v. 12-16)

   4. God’s power for a holy people – the reason they should not fear the nations       (v. 17-26).


1. When Moses gave this address to Israel, what land had they already conquered?

2. What did God make with the Israelites at Mt. Horeb?

3. Who are “the fathers” in 5:3?

4 What of the Old Law did the people hear directly via the voice of Jehovah in the midst of the fire?

5. What reason does Moses give for the Israelites keeping the Sabbath day holy?

6. What is the different between Moses’ exhortation of honoring father and mother here and what you read in Exodus 20:12?

7. What did the people petition Moses to do and why?

8. How did God respond to what the people asked of Moses?

9. “Ye shall walk in ___________________ the way which Jehovah your God hath  _______________ you.”

10. Why is the promised land described as “flowing with milk and honey?”

11. With what should we love God?

12. What place did the commandments of God have in the homes of the Israelites?

13. How did the Jews obey the instruction in 6:8?

14. Of what were the Israelites to beware when they shall be full of the good things in the promised land?

15. How can we “tempt God?”

16. Obeying God’s commandments were for the Israelites’ _________________________.

17. To remain a holy people in the promised land, what compromises could they make?

18. Why did Jehovah choose Israel to be His own people?

19. How would God specifically bless His people in the fruit of the body and the fruit of the ground?

20.  Why were the Israelites not to fear the nations in the promised land?

21. How were the nations to be cast out before Israel?  Why?