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A. Review of God’s merciful dealings with the people of Israel (8:1-10)

B. Warning against forgetting God (8:11-20)

C. Order to prepare to pass the Jordan – Reminder of former transgressions (9:1-29)

1. Their idolatry at Mt. Horeb

2. Their murmuring at Taberah, Massah, and Kibrothhattaavah

D. Renewal of the tables of stone containing the ten commandments – deposited in the ark of the covenant (10:1-5)

E. Death of Aaron noticed (10:6-7)

F. Separation of the tribe of Levi (10:8-9)

G. Jehovah hears Moses’ plea to save the people during his second forty day stay in the mountain (10:10-11).

H. Exhortation of obedience and love (10:12-22)

I. Charge to keep God’s statutes (11:1-9)

J. Description of the land of promise (11:10-12)

K. Prosperity promised on condition of obedience to God (11:12-32)



1. What spiritual lesson was God teaching when He fed His hungry people with manna?

2. In the wilderness the Israelites’ garments did not become _________________ nor did their feet ___________________.

3. God’s chastening in the wilderness was a _____________________ chastening his _______________________.


4 A heart that is _________________   _____________ due to own material possessions tends to _______________ Jehovah.

5. God would destroy the mighty Anakim in the promised land because of the righteousness of God’s people.  (T)  (F)

6. The two tables of stone were written by the ______________ of God according to all the ___________________ Jehovah spake out of the midst of the ___________________.

7. What did God want to be left alone to do to his people? Why?

8. Who and what would not leave God alone?

9. Match the name of the place where God’s judgments were left with the description of the name:

 a. Taberah                                                   (1). Tempting God because of lack of water

 b. Massah                                                    (2).  Lusting for flesh to eat

 c. Kibrothattaavah                                        (3).  Burning of fire among murmuring people

10. How long did Moses stay the second time in the mount, and what happened there?

11. Why did Moses make an “ark?”

12. Where did Aaron die and where was he buried?

13 For what purpose was the tribe of Levi separated from the others?

14. What actions and attitudes does God require of His people?

15. From what number that went down into Egypt did Israel come forth as numerable as the stars of heaven?

16. What two events had this generation seen that their young had not seen that characterized the great and almighty God?

17. What was different between the land of Egypt, and the promised land?

18 God’s people are to lay up God’s commandments in their _________________ and ____________, and they are to serve God with _______________ their ___________ and with __________________ their _____________________.

19. Why would the people be blessed, and why would God’s people be cursed?