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I. The Promise Of Jesus’ Birth And John’s Birth Fulfilled (1:26-80)

A. Gabriel’s promise to Mary of virgin birth (1:26-38)

1. Gabriel announces God’s favor upon Mary in Nazareth.

2. Promise of Jesus’ greatness in His unending kingdom

3. Holy Spirit shall overshadow Mary – the Begotten will be called the Son of God.

4. Elisabeth’s pregnancy proof of God’s word is not void of power.  

B. Mary visits Elisabeth in Judah for three months (1:39-56)

           1. The babe leaps in Elisabeth’s womb when Mary salutes her.

           2. Mary magnifies the Lord.

C. Birth of John and childhood (1:57-80)

           1. Neighbors and kinsfolk rejoice with Elisabeth at birth of son.

           2. Zacharias again speaks at circumcision and naming of son.

           3. Zacharias prophecies about salvation from the Lord and John’s future as God’s prophet.

           4. John grows and waxes strong in spirit in the deserts.  



1. How much older was John than Jesus?

2. What was Mary’s relationship with Joseph?

3. Gabriel said Mary had ________________ _______________ with God?   How?

4. How does Luke teach the “virgin birth” of Jesus?

5. Contrast Mary’s reception of Gabriel’s announcement of the birth of a son to Zacharias’ reception of Gabriel’s earlier announcement:

6.. What three great fact does Gabriel announce concerning Jesus?

7. What example does Gabriel give Mary to prove, “For no word from God shall be void of power.”?

8. What happened to Elisabeth when Mary came to see her in Judah?

 9. How did Elisabeth know that Mary was “the mother of my Lord”?

10. What comforting fact do we learn about God from Mary magnifying the Lord?

11. How long did Mary stay with Elisabeth?

12. What two events occurred on the 8th. day of a Jewish boy’s life?

13. What caused all to wonder saying, “What then shall this child be?”?

14. When Zacharias prophesied he was ____________________ with ________ ________.  

15. To what is Zacharias referring in his prophecy in 1:68-75?

16. Who spoke by the mouths of the prophets of old?

17. What was John going to be called, and what was he to do?

18. Who is the “dayspring” in 1:78?   What was his mission?

19. What three facts do you know about the childhood of John?



A. The enrollment bringing Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem (v.1-5)

     1. Commanded by Augustus.

     2. Joseph and Mary must register in Bethlehem – the city of his family.


B. Mary gives birth (v.6-7).

                1. Mary wraps babe – “swaddling clothes.”

                2. Mary lays babe in animal feeding trough – “manager.”

C. The angelic announcement of birth to shepherds (v. 8-15a)

    1. Angel of the Lord announces to shepherds the birth of a “Saviour, who is Christ the Lord.

        a. Angel appears to shepherds in field watching over flock at night.

        b. Angel appearing in glorious light tells shepherds not to be afraid.

        c. Angel gives shepherds the sign: “Ye shall find a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, and lying in a manger.”

                2. Multitude of angels praise God and glory in the coming of peace.

                3. Angels go back into heaven.

            D. Shepherds verify the birth of a Savior in Bethlehem (v. 15b-20).

                1. They go in haste and find babe in manger with Mary and Joseph.

                2. They make known to all the angelic announcement.

                    a. All wonder.

                    b. Mary ponders.

                3. They return to their duties glorifying and praising God.


1. What two historic figures were in power when Jesus was born?

2. What was the purpose of “enrollment?”

3. Why did Joseph and Mary travel to Bethlehem for the enrollment?

4. How far was Bethlehem from Nazareth?

5. Was the providence of God at work in Jesus being born in Bethlehem?

6. Jesus was Mary’s ___________________________ child.

7 Describe the type of clothing Mary put on her babe?

8. Where was baby Jesus placed when He was born?


9. Where were the shepherds, and what were they doing when the angel appeared unto them?  

10. Who did the angel of the Lord say was born in the city of David?

11. For what did the multitude of angels praise God regarding the birth of Jesus?

12. How did the shepherds verify “the sign” given them by the angel of the Lord?

13. What did Mary do when she heard the shepherds tell of the angelic announcements?

14. Does the New Testament teach that Jesus was born on December 25th.?

15. Where did the celebration of “Christmas” originate?